Trailer Tuesday – Society (1989)

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Trailer Tuesday – Society (1989)

SocietyPosterI was hanging out with some friends last night, watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special (meh) and at one point we got into a discussion of horror movies, particularly what we do or don’t like in the various sub-genres. The topic of body horror came up, a type of film where the focus is on the human body mutating or being ravaged through science, disease, or some maniacal force. For the most part, I stay away from the genre. Second only to the sort of gore-porn that has become Eli Roth’s bread and butter, body horror flicks are most likely to send me running for the hills. (Although I have seen The Fly multiple times, and it might be that it’s so dated that it no longer scares me, or it’s just that I like Jeff Goldblum enough to hang with it.)

Reading a list of overlooked horror movies recently, my curiosity was piqued by Brian Yuzna’s Society, a movie that seems to combine both my favorite type of horror (paranoia, alien species) and the repulsive body horror stuff that squicks me out. I Googled some screengrabs and nearly vommed. (Seriously, don’t, if you’re not into the idea of seeing stretchy, writhing, oozy piles of limbs attached to bodies in places where they just don’t belong.) In most cases, where I’m curious about a movie but know I probably won’t be able to to stomach actually watching it, I turn to reading plot recaps on Wikipedia or IMDB, and watching the trailer.

Poor Bill. He’s a handsome teenager, with a nice cushy life, growing up in a mansion. But his family are acting weird, and his friends seem to be up to something, and overall he’s just unhappy and paranoid. Turns out, all those lines about the rich feeding off the poor and sucking the life out of you… well, some script writers really like to interpret things very literally.

The puns just don’t stop. Neither does the horrible acting, if the trailer alone is any indication. Bill, played by soap actor Billy Warlock, seems to spend most of the trailer running around sweaty while wearing clingy muscle tops and clutching a kitchen knife. And it just gets so gross. At some point, a person becomes a butthead. Literally. It’s not in the trailer, but it is on the internet and in one of the posters, if you go looking.

If you don’t like wealthy people with their tuxedos, weird alien orgies, and condescending quips about poor people… you will probably hate this movie. If you like super gross and grotesque stuff, and muscly teenagers going off the deep end when the fabric of their reality comes unraveled… good luck finding the movie. Netflix doesn’t currently have it available, and a DVD on Amazon is going for around 60 bucks. I don’t know the details of the ending, but I hope it involves Bill setting everyone on fire.

I need a hug.

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