Trailer Tuesday – The Car and Christine

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Trailer Tuesday – The Car and Christine

“Evil has visited the earth in many forms and now it returns as…The Car”

I’ve watched this trailer (probz) 20 times in the last three months. Why? Because I have been trying to buy a used car for three months.  I live in an igloo and cars I like are hard to come by  (I just passed on a VW Scirocco) plus I am a picky bitch so behold these carefully selected trailers.

THE CAR trailer! The re-watch is necessary because it is hilarious and insane and I/you will never need to watch the movie therefore you/I can use that precious time for volunteer work/typhoon relief fundraising. Personally, I watch this shit because I need to laugh in order to not cry.

Trailer Notes:

  • I do not know what is up with that “HORN”. That is no car horn! That is the sound of a train engineered by a human in order to drive another human crazy.
  • I  love that a driverless car is terrorizing a town. Why? Nobody knows (or cares unless you had a job working on the movie). Apparently  THE CAR is a “modified Lincoln” according to a quality source (YOUTUBE reviewer) who was clearly traumatized by THE CAR as a youth. Apparently the opening scene shows THE CAR running over a HIPPIE two or three times!!
  • I’m seriously into that title logo. THE CAR. Some genius designed that. It would look great on a men’s t-shirt (menz t-shirt= billboard-chest-best-suited-to-marquee-posters-on-account-of-no-boobs)
  • James Brolin
  • 1977
  • I love the part (am I seriously reviewing a trailer? Answer: fk YES!) with the cop on his cop bike going at top speed and yelling into his walkie talkie/CB radio: “This is Wade! We can’t let it through no matter what!” The shot is hilarious. I guess the camera is set up on the bike? I don’t know how they did it but it looks GREAT. Real inspired.
  • The cyclists being run off a bridge
  • Screaming bloody murder into the receiver of a bright  yellow rotary dial telephone

And wait a minute!! Did Stephen King totally rip this off for  CHRISTINE ?

Argument: Christine was released in 1983 but was set in 1978. The Car was made in 1977 (but looks more early 70s “vibe” judging from the trailer).

You decide.

CHRISTINE is one of my favourites. I have so much love for Christine.


  • It’s about a “sentient automobile named “Christine” and its effects on its teenaged owner”
  • I still luv John Stockwell the football-jock-best-friend-of-the-nerd Arnie “Cuntingham”. I still think he’s hot in that red letterman jacket
  • Harry Dean Stanton
  • Soundtrack!
  • John Carpenter
  • Evil version of Vinnie Barbarino/John Travolta with classic bully name “Buddy Repperton” (first name: Clarence)
  • Gas station blow up. (So extreme!) God I’d love to recreate that scene. I daydreamed a skid version: I almost kept my last car so I could load it up with firewood and explosives and roll it off a steep cliff  but instead I  sold it to a dad to fix up for his teenager daughter (for a song). The obvious better choice: support teenage girls behind wheels!

I love this trailer cos it’s just All Soundtrack and the soundtrack is KILLER (as is Christine.  The car. “She” kills people):

And what up with this vagina dentata Polish marquee poster???


I’m a completist so I need to end this with my favourite Cars song “Let’s Go”

Thank y’all!



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  • Jimmy Andreakos
    Jimmy Andraculos

    Hell yes.
    My favorite part of Christine is when that chick from Baywatch says ‘God I hate rock n roll’.

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