TRAILER TUESDAY: Galaxina and Star 80

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TRAILER TUESDAY: Galaxina and Star 80

Welcome to our first Trailer Tuesday, when we dig up cobweb covered promos and trailers for various old flicks!

A few of us were talking about what would be the best way to kick off the weekly feature and I recalled a few movies I’d seen as a kid while living in Russia. They were terribly dubbed, so given the bad translation and the fact that I was too young to get a lot of the humor anyway, a lot of the movies kind of went over my head. One of those films was Galaxina, a 1980 spoof of sci-fi movies like Star Wars and Alien, written and directed by William Sachs. Starring Playmate Dorothy Stratten and Stephen Macht (father of Gabriel Macht from the TV show Suits), I don’t remember much of the film except that it had a scantily clad robobabe (Stratten) and people didn’t eat food but rather nutrition and flavor packed pills. The crew go on a space Western sort of adventure to recover some sort of artifact. Oh and the captain (Avery Schreiber) is named Captain Butt. This is like a less tasteful Spaceballs. So, clearly I have to rewatch it.

I was talking to Sonja (you’ll be seeing more from her soon!) and she mentioned the tragic story surrounding the untimely demise of Dorothy Stratten, who was – as all evidence showed – murdered by her jealous, controlling estranged husband Paul Snider, who also then committed suicide. Stratten’s story was made into a movie, Star 80, and here’s what Sonja had to say about it:

I started watching Bob Fosse’s Star 80 in the 90s on a found VHS tape and I just kept blindly hitting “rewind” and “play” on repeat. The quoting would not end. The Paul Snider/Eric Roberts impersonations would not stop. Star 80 is pure eye candy on every eyeball level, so much so that you forget it is a real life horror story. Repeated viewings clearly made me numb to it. It is very easy to forget this when you’re glazed over staring at soft serve ice cream, soft focus and soft porn while laughing hysterically at Paul Snider the douchebag who MILDLY reminded me of this guy I went out with for ten seconds. So looking back it was probably some form of (Gestalt ?) therapy.

There is also a Sunday afternoon roller skate scene at the Playboy mansion – all the bunnies on display going around and around. Great right? The exquisite being that was Dorothy Stratten was born (“the first born unicorn”) in Vancouver, BC. She was discovered by a pimp douchebag hustler of the highest order while still a teen working at the local DAIRY QUEEN (it’s still there: 2109 E Hastings Street). Next thing you know she’s a Playboy bunny with “douche” as her manager. And it goes from there.

Ew just look at this creep

Ew just look at this creep

Sonja and I will be sure to bring you thoroughly detailed (and full of screengrabs) posts about Star 80 and Galaxina respectively in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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  • Jimmy Andreakos

    Looks like Shia LaBeouf if he was a half snake, half lion were-pimp in the 70’s.

  • GALAXINA!!!!!! Her hair and makeup! Her everything! I want to be her. Ok, I’m def going blond.

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