The Grand Budapest Hotel

Posted in The Reviews by - Apr 04, 2014
The Grand Budapest Hotel

After the show I invite Wes Anderson out for some brew and burgers to discuss the religious experience we had just shared. I end up buying as Wes is a typical penniless artist. He looks like he hasn’t eaten in months with thirft chic clothes barely clinging to his skeletal frame. “It’s the little details, Jimmy,” he says to me in between rabid bites of his cheeseburger. Much to my surprise Wes Anderson is a huge AC/DC fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of their career and catalog.

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9 Reasons Dr. Phibes Makes a Great Valentine

Posted in The Reviews by - Feb 14, 2014

If you are planning on spending some time this Valentine’s Day watching a movie, whether in the comfort of your own company, or with a sweetheart or friend, I’d like to recommend The Abominable Dr. Phibes for your evening’s selection. At its heart, The Abominable Dr. Phibes isn’t just a farcical horror movie but a love story and Phibes its not-quite-dashing romantic hero. To that end I’ve put together a list of nine reasons I think he would actually make a pretty good Valentine’s date.

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Happy Thankskilling! Having Dinner with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Posted in '70s, Horror by - Nov 28, 2013

Ah, Thankskilling – a term coined by fellow Cinema Midnight scribe, Jeremy. And this holiday-viewing suggestion comes just in time to celebrate this horrific take on the most gluttonous of American traditions.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – the 1974 version, not the over-stylized remake – is a quintessential Thankskilling film, primarily because of that penultimate scene of family dinner madness.

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Trailer Tuesday – Society (1989)

Posted in Horror, Trailer Tuesday by - Nov 26, 2013

Reading a list of overlooked horror movies recently, my curiosity was peaked by Brian Yuzna’s Society, a movie that seems to combine both my favorite type of horror (paranoia, alien species) and the repulsive body horror stuff that squicks me out. I Googled some screengrabs and nearly vommed. (Seriously, don’t, if you’re not into the idea of seeing stretchy, writhing, oozy piles of limbs attached to bodies in places where they just don’t belong.) In most cases, where I’m curious about a movie but know I probably won’t be able to to stomach actually watching it, I turn to reading plot recaps on Wikipedia or IMDB, and watching the trailer.

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Total Recall

Posted in '80s, '90s, Hotties, Science Fiction, The Reviews by - Nov 20, 2013

How can you resist something like Total Recall? Paul Verhoeven, still fresh off of Robocop, made this movie at exactly the right time. After a decade of over the top action movies full of oily (and homoerotic?) muscle men and horrible one liners like the Rambo series, Commando, the Predator movies, Cobra and countless others, Total Recall was both the ultimate example of this style of film and a subtle deconstruction. Cleverly starring Schwarzenegger, one of the leading action heroes of the ’80s, Total Recall points out every ridiculous convention and then one ups them all.

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Trailer Tuesday – The Car and Christine

Posted in Trailer Tuesday by - Nov 19, 2013

“Evil has visited the earth in many forms and now it returns as…The Car”

I’ve watched this trailer (probz) 20 times in the last three months. Why? Because I have been trying to buy a used car for three months. Note: I live in the middle of northern Canada about two hours from Alaska where cars are not easy to come by (just passed on a VW Scirocco) plus I am a picky bitch so behold these carefully selected trailers.

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Posted in '90s, Horror, Hotties by - Nov 11, 2013

Before Leprechaun I’d never really got Jennifer Aniston as a sex symbol. I like that her dad was that old greek man on the soap opera that my mom watched and that she perpetually acts like a gender swapped Woody Allen but never got sexy vibes off of her, until now.

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